Playing a Little Catch-up!

I realize it has been nearly half a year since I last made a blog post. Yikes.

A lot has happened in the last six months. Here’s a brief summary:

June – I got hired at Jo-Ann! What a God-send of a job! What a blessing to get a job – any job – a month after graduating. Plus, it didn’t hurt working in a fabric and craft store – it kept me inspired!

August – I interviewed at Horizon Learning Center for a full-time teaching position. The first interview went really well. When I came back to teach a sample lesson, however, things fell apart. I didn’t get the job. I was heartbroken. I was SURE I was going to get the job. I was angry with God. I was disappointed with myself. I questioned my ability to teach. I questioned why I went to school for four years to end up with nothing. It was a very depressing time in my life. I was angry that I set myself up for disappointment. I would usually never be so self-confident, but I was… foolish. And I settled back into working basically full-time at Jo-Ann.

October – Marlene (the director at Horizon) called me back because they had a teaching assistant position open and she wanted me to fill it. So I did the final interview stage, which went well also, and I started working at Horizon part-time. I began to scale back my hours at Jo-Ann.

November – When I decided that I needed to scale back my hours further at Jo-Ann, and tried to put in a change of availability, my boss refused to accept my change and told me to make a choice between the two jobs. I decided to choose Horizon and so put in my two-weeks at Jo-Ann. At the very end of those two weeks, my boss came to me and apologized for making me choose and asked me to stay. After some hard deliberation with myself, I agreed to stay. A week later, at Horizon, one of my coworkers (the assistant director) left for a new job, which left her position and class open. Chris got moved up to the assistant director position and to Elizabeth’s class. I got moved up to Chris’ class – a full time teaching position, and with my own class! (Incidentally, this was the class I interviewed for in August.)

I spent the following weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas working every day. Seven days a week. Eight hour days. A couple weeks ago, I got sick. It started with a sore throat and an awful headache. In a couple days, I got a fever and had to go home from work. One of the things I realized that working every day was getting me sick – because I was exposed to sick kids and never getting time to rest.

So, just over a week ago, I put in my two-weeks at Jo-Ann again. My last day will be the 31st, and I will start the new year off fresh. 2012 is going to be a wonderful, WONDERFUL year!

Did I mention that December 20th marked the four year anniversary of dating Ryan? We decided to go our for lunch that day since I was working and he wasn’t that day. He came to pick me up at work, but before he would let me get in the car, he made me open up my gift, which was the “Let’s Merry” tumbler. As I did, he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him! I was speechless, but of course I said yes!


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The Last Four Months

Wow!! I just realized how long ago my last blog post was. I haven’t abandoned my blog, but March marked the real beginning of the difficult student teaching work, including my worksample, so I had to give up the more “frivolous” activities like blogging. Anyhow, I would like to say “Welcome Back” to myself! Thanks!

Well, in the last four months I completed my student teaching and completed my teacher education program! I am so glad to have gone through the program and finished so that I can begin my career search to become a teacher. Upon my completion of the program,  I also graduated!

Yahoo! Afterwards, Ryan and I spent a week at Camp Yamhill doing outdoor school! It was an absolute great time! We had pretty great weather, too! (Last time we went, it was rainy and wet nearly the whole week.) This time, we only had one day in which it poured. But earlier in the week, I got a very minor sunburn – we had that much sun that day! It was a great time. Shortly after, Ryan and I also went to Sunriver for a nice looooooong weekend! It was a blast! We got to use the hot tub quite often, we got to go to Bend often, and we even got to go fishing one day!

After that, I came back to normal life for a little while, which included babysitting weekly and job searching!

Lots and lots of job searching! But just about a month after graduation, I put in an application at Jo-Ann Fabrics (on a Monday), got a call Tuesday for an interview, interviewed on Thursday, and got offered the job that evening! I had my first day of training on the following Monday, and have been there for almost a month now! It’s been great! I love working at Jo-Ann’s!

That was my first day of work!

Anyway, life has been full of change, but it has been a great couple of months! And now that I’m done with school, I’ll finally have some time to draw again. Woohoo!

Oh yeah! And my hair has grown out quite a bit, so my hair is really long now!

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My Webby Presence

Once again, I have made it out on the web, my friends. This time, I would like to draw your attention to Garth Hamilton’s blog (he was one of my youth pastors). When you read through all the way to the end, you will see a picture of me. That’s right, a picture of little ol’ me.

There is a reproduction of that picture. Yay! I was giving Kathryn (my other youth pastor) her FIRST baby gift! I have been waiting forever for them to have a baby, and so I was too excited to wait for any kind of baby shower! I just had to give them a gift as soon as I was able to.

Anyhow, the point is that my presence on the internet is no longer limited to my tiny little Facebook and this small blog. I am being tweeted about! I am being blogged about! Basically, my monstrous presence on the internet is going to become overwhelming, so brace yourselves. And this is all to mirror my overwhelmingly monstrous presence in real life, so watch out.


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Snow Is A HUGE Deal

I live in Portland, Oregon, where the annual rainfall is about 40 inches a year, and the annual snowfall can range between 0 and 60 inches (although, to be honest, that 60-inch statistic was made back in 1893). Since, however, our annual snowfall is much more toward the 0 inches (ever) end of the statistic, when snow finally does decide to show up, it’s a BIG, RIDICULOUS DEAL.

I am serious. People go to the grocery store to stock up on food for a month.People get very concerned.

The mayor even holds a press conference.

So, needless to say, people get pretty worked up over there being snow.

I admit, though, as a former student and a future teacher, I do revel in waking up at six o’clock so I can turn on my favorite news station and carefully watch every word that scrolls by on the ticker.

Still, the point is that people get too worked up over something that usually never actually materializes.

But! I have found something that will be of service to you all! If you live in Portland, or care about if it is snowing in Portland, now all you have to do is ask yourself, “Is it snowing in Portland?” and go here.

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How I Am Fantastic (And Hireable)

A few weeks ago I had a meeting with one of my supervising teachers at school, and she wanted to know what my professional goals were. We talked about my goals and how I want them to improve my areas of weakness. However, when she asked me about my strengths, suddenly I froze.

Side note: I had been having a pretty rough day up until that point, and so I was very much in the mood of kicking myself until I improved. Yes, that is not the proper way of dealing with it. But it was getting myself to focus on improving. End side note.

So, there I was, frozen. Suddenly I could not think of a single thing I was good at. She smiled politely and kindly reminded me that it is okay to “sell yourself.” I managed to mumble out “organization” in a haze of shame, although as I said it I was thinking back to how disorganized I had felt lately.

The rest of the meeting was fine, but it got me to thinking about my strengths and abilities. Here are just a few of my abilities:

It should be noted that some abilities (such as the ability to be awesome) are not quantifiable and were for only that reason not included on the list above.

And now, for my strengths! These are just a few of my MANY strengths, by the way!

Remember these are just three of my many strengths! When you interview and hire me, you get to benefit from ALL of my strengths!

And as always, thank you for your time!  When will I find out about the job?

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The Reality of Being Sick

For just about a week now, I have been sick. I know what you are thinking though. This is not your vision of sick, where you think, “Awesome! I’m sick! I get to take the day off of school! Woohoo!

“I get soup!

“And I get to watch hours of TV!

“And I get to spend the whole day on the internet!”

That is not the reality of what being sick is. I have been SICK for this WHOLE PAST WEEK.

And you know what I have had?

One: icky medicine.

Taking medicine (the liquid kind) is just disgusting. I always want to vomit my guts out after taking it.

Two: Sleep.

I love sleep. Sleep is one of my favorite things. But you know what? When you are sick, you can’t do anything BUT sleep.

Three: A cough way down deep in my chest.

Yes. I am not exaggerating. Breathing is becoming a chore. And I really, truly, madly, fondly miss, miss, MISS my breath support!

You know what you can do when you can BREATHE?!











And I do desperately want to breathe again.

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Blogging Here, Blogging There…

You may have noticed that I have not been doing a whole lot of blogging lately. This is partially true. I am student teaching right now, which does not often leave much time to draw and blog.

But, that’s only part of it. The other part is that I have also been doing some guest blogging for the library! Check it out!

Meanwhile, I am trying my best to keep looking like this:

That’s all for now! Read my “Alexandra Approves” column!

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